Friday, December 9, 2022

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Animals above all

Sparked with an interest in pets by her high school biology teacher, Stacy Carpio, now has a strong love for working with all types of animals.

A letter from the editor

OK, so a monk, a glassblower and a pirate walk into a rave... No, I don't have a punchline to the joke, but rather I present to you a compilation of some of the subjects of the Spring 2008 issue of The Bull.

Talk Derby To Me

On the track are more gals with intriguing attire, torn fishnets and skates. But they're different from the others. They are adorned with helmets, knee pads and wrist guards.

Crazy Smart

147, 148, 149, 150, 151..." He counts every step from his car to his classroom in the Business Building. If he gets there and he's landed on an odd number, he must find a way to squeeze in an extra step, no matter how small. Uneven numbers aren't allowed in his life-except seven and 21.

Machinery of beauty

I see the other woman every morning. She's there when I need her and I'm always at her beck and call. When I step out of my house and into my garage, she's waiting for me. My nighthawk black-pearl beauty waits for me as if she has been anticipating this moment all night.

Excellent magazine

Working at a newspaper you hear whispers that the industry is dying, and that there is no future for print journalism. Then I open up a magazine that exemplifies of where I think the future of journalism is going. I want to offer my hearty congratulations to the staff that put together this edition of The Bull magazine.

Hero Next Door: Holocaust Survivor

Photo: Erin Stone Name:  Bella Roos Age: 92 HEROcation: Holocaust Survivor Bella Roos survived World War II by fleeing the Nazis when they raided her home.  They took her mother and cousins, who eventually were killed in the concentration camp.  Bella fled and lived on the run for 5 years. “I cannot look upon my experiences as heroic because my natural tendency was not...

True Gamers

Marion Kimble

Fitting Into the Industry

Originally drawn to working with airplanes or being involved in restaurants, Mariela Quintanilla now looks to reach new heights in the fashion industry and the owner of Ga Eul on Sherman Way in Canoga Park. The store has shoes, shirts, dresses and skirts. It also includes female wallets, little backpacks and other accessories. Mariela Quintanilla said that she doesn’t want to...