Monday, September 26, 2022

The biggest kid

It's a brightly lit toy store on a Saturday morning.  Kids ride their bikes up to the front door and come inside to play pinball.  It's a family store, "where kids can bring their adults."

Excellent magazine

Working at a newspaper you hear whispers that the industry is dying, and that there is no future for print journalism. Then I open up a magazine that exemplifies of where I think the future of journalism is going. I want to offer my hearty congratulations to the staff that put together this edition of The Bull magazine.

Trance for the masses

Known globally for his impressive live performances, top quality recorded sound technology and multiple awards including "#2 DJ in the world," Armin Van Buuren has outdone himself yet again.

Coming to a Theater Near You

Story By: Angel Bocanegra Despite a fresh coat of paint, Pacific Theatres Winnetka 21 in Chatsworth seems old from the outside. Inside, employees smile and sell outrageously-priced tickets and popcorn, which beckons customers with its freshly-popped, buttery smell. Walking down the aisles of the theater, the smell of leather from the seats lingers in the air. But the real showstopper is...

A ‘Thrilling’ anniversary

When you hear the name Michael Jackson, most likely the image of a tarnished, quirky freak of a man comes to mind. That's now, but back in 1983 when MJ was still "normal," he and Quincy Jones produced the record-shattering "Thriller" album.

We Are Heroes

Story by Lorrie Reyes Photos by Jose Romero Traveling from around the world, these girls teamed up in Los Angeles to create the dance crew "We Are Heroes"   MTV's Americas best dance crew winners " We are heroes" pose for photos in the digital dark room studio at Pierce College Woodland Hills Calif. Thursday April 19, 2012. Photo: Jose Romero Having the word...

The unforgettable ‘Howl’

Where it came from does not matter. If it came to fruition in the insane asylum where Allen Ginsberg met Carl Solomon, for whom the poem was dedicated, has little baring on its existence.

Playing their roles

The bright sun is vibrant against the clear blue sky of the beach town park. It's certainly a lovely day for a bike ride... or a medieval battle.

Alumnus returns to the gridiron

"It was down the street. I wanted to keep playing football," said former NFL and Pierce College quarterback Erik Kramer, recalling how he came to play for Pierce, where he led the Brahmas to a 10-0 season. "I also already had a relationship with (former coach) Jim Fenwick, and my mom went to Pierce, so it was a natural choice.

Tinseltown Treasures

Story & Photos by Kristen Aslanian   The roots of the famous Hollywood sign are much deeper than the steel poles mounted on the hillside of Mount Lee. Once a simple ad, the sign has grown in stature to the point that three organizations now care for it—the city of Los Angeles, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the Hollywood Sign Trust,...