Photo Essay

 Samantha Bravo

Broad Strokes

Located in downtown LA, The Broad is a contemporary art museum that displays more than 2,000 art works by more than 200 artists. Designed by Diller Scofidio and Renfro, founders Eli and Edye Broad wanted to create a museum where they could display the postwar and contemporary art that they collected over the course of […]

 Tanya Castaneda

Walk This Way

Stowed away in an unsuspecting building in downtown Los Angeles, art studios and artists’ lofts fuse into one art district on Main Street. Twice a year, works of art are displayed in the annual Brewery Art Walk event, where the creators have the opportunity to invite visitors into their personal space to allow others to […]

 Joshua Duarte

All the rage back home

All the rage back home

Drug dealer Rick Bolivia exhales a hit of methamphetamine in his room in the Pacoima area of Los Angeles, Calif. on Oct. 22, 2015. Photo by Joshua Duarte   The lighter clicks on, the flame burns the glass, the smoke fills the room, it smell like burning plastic. He puts the pipe to his lips […]

 Alan Castro

Playing with fire

A hot light swirls around a young woman, feeling not the cold grasp of the night but the warm embrace of   the flames. Faint roars of the hot element are heard as it paints the night with its orange light. The young lady, with hair auburn as the element that she controls, is focused on […]

 Mohammad Djauhari

No Kill Los Angeles

No Kill Los Angeles

Walking through the door that leads to the holding pens of the shelter, as if on cue, the incessant barking of various breeds of dogs waiting to be adopted fills the outside area, silencing the otherwise comforting noise of the mist machines keeping the animals cool on a hot summer afternoon. No Kill Los Angeles […]

 Michaia Hernandez

Nine Lives

A candid look at Petopia Animal Rescue

  Story By: Marielle Stober Cats and kittens stroll leisurely through the spacious kennels. Rosemary, a black shorthaired, plays with her sister Sage from atop a cat tree. Across the narrow hall, twin tuxedo kittens paw hysterically at a feather toy that hangs suspended from the ceiling. Eight others soon join in on the fun. […]

 Natalee Ayala

Gallery: Pushing the Pedal

Gallery: Pushing the Pedal
 Ava Weintraub

Broadway At Dawn

Broadway At Dawn

This work documents Broadway Street as it is now, struggling to find a new identity. It’s hard to make a living with the depressed economy. Unused office space is being transformed into pricey lofts in a bad real estate market. My passion for the Broadway Street retail corridor in Downtown Los Angeles started as a […]