REVIEW: The Original Pizza Cookery

A large wooden door next to a quaint oval window that looks into a kitchen gives a 1980s vibe to this local restaurant.

Located off of Topanga Canyon Boulevard in Woodland Hills, California on Erwin Street, The Original Pizza Cookery has been around since 1975. Founded by Jordan Klempner, the Cookery has been demonstrating a love for cooking delicious food that will fill anyone up with good old fashioned cooking.

Entering the establishment, you will immediately notice the sawdust covering every inch of the ground as well as the old rustic walls made of wood and boards. Rustic lamps with old fashioned light bulbs that emit a darker yellow light can be found all over.

The popcorn ceiling is covered in playing cards and air vents, and the laminated wood tables are a part of the customers first views of the interior. Non-working Coca-Cola and cigarette vending machines, and a working Pac-Man arcade machine greet customers as they move about the room.

Walking up to the front desk, you are asked if you would like to dine or take out your food by the employees. Exuding friendly mannerisms they will escort patrons to tables or quaint comfortable booths. Each table comes with tableware and placemats regardless of age.

The menus are plain with bold letters to describe all of the many food options available. With a large array of selections all placed on a lunch menu and a starters and sides menu many possibilities are available.

Salads come with the most popular of salad dressings and go great along any of the salad choices with their famous antipasto salad being customers favorite pick. Soup is offered alongside the salad. Pasta is also available to guests who are in the mood for some of the Italian delicacy.

Also on the menu is pizza which comes in many combinations and has choices of meat, vegetable, and specialty toppings. Hero sandwiches and subs are also available to patrons and gluten-free and vegetarian options are there for those interested. Happy Hour is everyday from 3pm to 6pm and dessert is there for after meals. Soft drinks are bottomless so drinking is encouraged.

When the food arrives it comes quickly with no serious waiting time. It arrives on a colorful ceramic plate and the portions are not slim. Even if food is purchased in a smaller size, one person can eat happily.

The first thing that comes to the table besides drinks and are given to every customer are some of the Original Pizza Cookery’s warm homemade garlic cheese bread which is definitely one of the main reasons that customers keep coming back. The rolls are wonderfully made, fresh and crispy and taste like a touch of heaven.

Their pepperoni pizza is a little too greasy but is easy to eat and enjoy. The crust is slightly lackluster but the pizza dough molded into the usual slice makes up for it. The taste of the food is not disappointing in the least and even with a full feeling it is always good to grab another piece of the pie.

The House Italian salad helps to compliment the meal. Served in a wooden bowl the salad comes with garbanzo beans, tomatoes, fresh romaine lettuce and mozzarella cheese poured over the dish adds to the texture. The salad is flavorful and not skimpy at all. An appropriate addition to any meal. 

Overall, the comfortable eating environment is good for any family or group gathering. Prices were a little steep however, ranging from $10 to $30 depending on the size of the meal and it might be hard to eat here regularly unless you have some extra cash. The service was great however. Every worker had a smile on their face and was always available.

The Original Pizza Cookery is located at 6209 Topanga Canyon Blvd @ Erwin Street in Woodland Hills, CA. The restaurant is open Monday through Thursday from 11:00a.m. To 9:00p.m. It is also open on Saturday from 11:00a.m. to 10:30p.m. And on Sunday from 12:00p.m. to 9:00p.m.