REVIEW: La Sierra

Clubs have become a way for people to escape their day to day lives and their struggles. 

While La Sierra has never been known as a college club go-to, its latest attempts to create an escape for the younger generation is a success, somewhat. 

La Sierra is a private family owned bar and restaurant located in Van Nuys. It is a hub for those who enjoy Spanish and banda music and has been around for more than 30 years. Recently, the venue has been branching out by getting in touch with the younger generation by hosting college-themed nights. 

The lively atmosphere is entertaining, but the sound quality and variety in music is lacking. 

The establishment upholds a strict dress code, banning any loose or casual wear. After finding the place tucked in a back corner, there is an outdoor hallway lined with dual earth-toned popcorn walls and scuffed concrete floors. From there, the employees direct patrons to purchase tickets from the box office. It’s a smooth process where the option to Venmo in addition to debit cards is available. Tickets are $12 for pre-sale and $20 at the door. 

The ambience is an overload of colors, textures and noises. The initial experience is a bit overwhelming, with many sorority women swarming, house music and various neon light shows.

A highlight is the bar with its assortment of cocktails and an aesthetically pleasing liquor set up. The venue is known for both food and beverages, serving a variety of classic Mexican dishes, such as enchiladas and carne asada. The staff is friendly and provides good service, keeping a steady flow of guests throughout the night. 

There is a sizable dance floor, which comfortably fits about 500 people. The surrounding dining areas gave a retro feel, reminiscent of old school Mexican eateries, the kinds with glittery red leather chairs and linoleum tables. The environment is clean but leans more into the maximalist side, with spunky decor building a dynamic personality. 

The secondary bar area hosts a variety of seating options, and the tables seem to be encapsulated with a sleek epoxy holographic finish and are accompanied by fraying quilted booths. 

While the physical aspects of the environment are on par, the music is only so-so for those who are looking for traditional banda. The norm for this club is live bands, but electronic dance music is the establishment’s new way of attracting the Gen Z crowd. The music is at a softer volume as 

opposed to being so loud the bass creates a vibration. The music should be louder and more engaging rather than simply playing in the background. 

Cluttered closet corners and heavy bass disservices aside, La Sierra provides a lively experience and fulfills its promise of a night packed with drinks, dancing and connecting with new people.

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Questions can be answered over the phone – (818) 830-1919- or by email – 

8632 Van Nuys, Panorama City, CA 91402