Petite rings that fit perfectly in the palm of one’s hand are spongy in texture, sweet in taste and warm and cozy with every bite.

RING Baked Tofu Donuts is a specialty donut shop that crafts gluten-free, GMO-free and nut-free baked goods with vegan options available upon request.

Each bite is luscious and pillow-soft in texture and distinct in both taste and color. Some are shades of ruby, jade, primrose, speckled, but regardless the color, the flavor is what make each donut unique.

The multi-colored donuts are hand-wrapped in delicate, transparent plastic, giving each treat a personal touch.

But these mini rings have a catch – they are as cute as they are pricey. These bundles of joy bring happiness to your belly and sadness to your wallet at $2.50 a piece and $2.75 for vegan options. However, the quality ingredients and unique variety of menu items make up for its size and price tag.

Their hand-selected ingredients include tofu, soy milk (which only uses Non-GMO soy beans), rice flour that is milled in the U.S from California rice, an in-house blend of natural sugar, organic eggs from chickens that only eat natural food, fat-free Greek yogurt, unheated raw honey, U.S. Grade AA organic butter with no antibiotics or hormones, and 100 percent matcha green tea from Japan.

The menu displays a variety of both classic and unconventional flavored donuts. Each selection of menu items is curated daily.

No matter the day, customers are likely to discover a donut that strikes their fancy. Some options on the classic spectrum are double chocolate, red velvet and honey. However, on the other side of the spectrum, you can order matcha, earl grey, rose and lavender.

The menu offers a multitude of beverages, equally as diverse as their donut items. They offer Yuzu Lemonade, Sweetened Iced Matcha, 18-hour Brewed Iced Coffee, Kangen Alkaline Water, and Calpico (lactic acid beverage). Some of these items can be requested iced or hot.

A cup of vibrant emerald green deliciousness, topped with a thick creamy layer of vanilla-colored frothy cream is decadent.The Sea Salt Matcha Iced Green Tea is earthy with a hint of sweetness and garnished with a sprinkle of green tea matcha powder.

They also offer a Sea Salt Cream Iced Coffee that is No.1 in sales. Deep in color, rich in flavor and cream that makes every sip smooth and delectable, it is definitely a must try for coffee drinkers.

RING Tofu Donuts is located on 6800 Owensmouth Ave. in Suite 130 in Canoga Park, California. They are open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m, Tuesday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sundays. They are closed Mondays.