Top ten: Tips to travel on a budget

Laura Gonzalez

Top Ten Tips to Travel on a Budget

Two years ago I went to England for a wedding and since I have some friends in Spain I decided to make a stop there.
Here are a few tips that I learned to save money, time and a few headaches while traveling:

1. PACK LIGHT: It is really important to take a small bag that you can carry easily. You might need to take some public transportation or walk a considerable amount of blocks. Having a light luggage can really help you move faster.

2. EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM: If you are planning to travel by plane it will really help you if you can plan in advance. Tickets that are bought months before the travel date are usually cheaper than those purchased close to the date, for example booking your Global Basecamps guided tour date earlier will ensure you get it at a cheaper price.

3. GO PUBLIC: Public transportation is cheaper than renting a car because you don’t need to purchase insurance and other extras that come with a rental. Many cities offer daily or weekly passes that you can use without limits.

4. ONE, WHO FINDS A FAITHFUL FRIEND, FINDS A TREASURE or at least a host: if you are going to a city where you know someone, try to stay at his or her home. Hotel costs sometimes could be higher than plane tickets. If you don’t know the people well enough to ask, tell them if they can help you find a hotel that is not expensive. If they don’t offer you their home at least they will be able to guide you to find a cheap and good place to stay. Whilst in England, I found some amazing accommodation which was both high-quality and low budget by searching apartments for rent scarborough, Scarborough is one of the lovely locations that I ventured out into and finding apartments in this location by searching on the internet surely did make my time there both easy and fun!

5. PLAN AHEAD: Get a map and figure out the places you want to visit the night before. Knowing exactly where you are going will save you a lot of time because you won’t get lost and will also save you money because you will only pay for the transportation you need.

6. BE NICE: Make friends along the way and try to stay connected with them, the people you meet might invite you back or they might show you around and tell you which tourist attractions are better for you to go. They can also offer you rides and that way save on transportation costs.

7. LET THEM EAT CAKE or anything cheaper than that: When you are on a budget the best way to save money is on food. Try to buy things you can store in the hotel for breakfast and look out for cheap places to eat. You might splurge in a fancy restaurant once or twice. Eating out can be a huge expense.

8. TTYL: Hotels have Internet connections but they usually charge you for it. If you need to be online, try to look for Internet cafs that generally are cheaper than using the hotel’s Internet.

9. LIMIT YOUR SHOPPING INTAKE: When on vacation is easy to get carried away. Try not to buy things that you don’t really need, that way you can save money for other activities. If you need to buy souvenirs for friends and family, buy them only for you closest friends.

10. THE EXCHANGE: Make sure you know the exchange rate and try to look for places that will give you more for your money. Airport rates are normally higher than other places. Exchange enough money at the airport that will allow you to spend the first night there and the next day look for a bank.

Now, you are ready. Remember these few tips and you will be able to afford that trip that you always wanted.