Review: Green Cottage Mediterranean Restaurant

From fresh salads to a romantic garden in the backyard, a Mediterranean restaurant located at Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills stands as a testimony of why green is truly a color of life.

Green Cottage Mediterranean Restaurant, inspired by the scenic landscape of Europe and its sophisticated modern design, will feed you not only with a relaxing ambience but also with a wide variety of authentic cuisine and entertainment.

Despite being located on one of the busiest streets in California, entering its premises would give you a sense of relief and escape from all the hustle and bustle of the big city.

The restaurant opens every day from 11 A.M. to 9:30 P.M. except much later on Fridays and Saturdays when they are open until midnight to host live performances.

Looking from the outside, Green Cottage may look humble and ordinary, but as soon as you open the door, an elegant design welcomes you with concrete and metallic interior of a wine bar on the left that gives visitors a bachelor-esque type of feel.

Right next to it are smaller tables provided for a more exclusive option for dating couples who want to enjoy a good glass of wine.

In contrast to this contemporary design, a manageable amount of space for dining on the right is bathed with chic and classy ornaments. But the dim lighting is able to tone down the visual noise and gives some sort of a private and cozy feeling during the stay.

If a guest would like to enjoy their food under strings of vines, surrounded by trees and the beauty of nature, one is given an option to dine at the most interesting part of the restaurant – the green garden at the back.Although this area may get humid during the day, the restaurant managed to place a huge fan outside to solve the problem.

When you think of Mediterranean foods, you’d think of fresh, healthy ingredients. Green Cottage offers that. The crisp of the vegetables in their salad could attest to its farm-picked quality.

 The Chicken Shish Kebab comes in a plate-full of bright colors seasoned in Mediterranean Spices. The contrast of red, yellow and green against the white plate makes it look like splashes of paint on a canvas. The grill marks on the juicy chunks of hormone-free natural chicken and vegetables add up an interesting texture to the whole presentation.

The taste of Fettuccini Alfredo dances along the waves and creaminess of its pasta. The chops of green lettuce on top keep the dish true to the identity of what Mediterranean diet is all about.

A bowl of crispy and tender chicken wings is served with hot sauce, ranch and a choice of either celery or an organic carrot that are laid beautifully side by side.

Their menu extends from German beer to French wine, Italian pasta to Middle Eastern kebab, and even goes as American as a plate of chicken wings. This restaurant is ready to serve its customers with an all international experience.

As good as this place may sound, Green Cottage could be a little more expensive than other Mediterranean food places in the area. Considering the location, it is clear to identify its target consumers.

However, the marriage of nature and sophisticated atmosphere of this restaurant is likely to attract more people from all walks of life. This place definitely turned up a green light to all the foodies in California.