Review: Sabroso Mexican Restaurant

Situated next to a busy car wash a few blocks before Winnetka Avenue, on Vanowen Street stands a rectangular olive green Mexican restaurant.

Upon entering, one is greeted with beautiful murals of Mexico style art. There is one mural in particular of a foundation with white doves perched on that brings a sense of warmth to the place. Placed on top of the mural was four clear posters of the menu that displayed the many different foods one can try on a Monday afternoon.

Sabroso Mexican Restaurant is a surprisingly quiet restaurant, with sounds of Mexican music softy playing. The restaurant bypasses the expectation of a more lively atmosphere, usually seen in Mexican restaurants. However, it was a comforting feeling as if one was at someone’s home for the first time. 

The warmth and friendliness of the staff at the cashier stand were more than evident when we asked help in narrowing down our choices. 

Before getting your food, it is important to note that first, one pays for their food, and then a service member will bring you your food. The service member then services us complimentary chips to have while waiting for our dishes. Off to the corner of the restaurant lies the soda fountain with a beautifully arranged salsa bar. This salsa bar has all different types of salsa, ranging from mildly spicy to extremely spicy.

When choosing where to sit, the restaurant offers ranges of booths to slide into. As well, there are tables outside to sit if one wants to enjoy the outdoors.  We decided to sit inside since it was a bit chilly out and cloudy. 

If you’re tired of eating the same type of burritos, well don’t worry because Sabroso Mexican Restaurant has various kinds of different burritos to chose from. The one burrito that stood out called Chile Colorado Burrito($8.95). The burrito consists of chunks of beef cooked in red sauce filled with the standard rice and beans. The Chile Colorado burrito distinguishes itself from the rest by having its meat be soft. It melts into one’s mouth as one bite into it, and it’s gratifying to experience from beginning to end. 

You can also add extra guacamole, sour cream, or cheese to your burrito if you wish (one item $0.75, all three $1.50). 

Another stand out from the various dishes that Sabroso Mexican Restaurant offers is the Chile Relleno. A Chile Relleno is a mild pepper filled with cheese, ranchera sauces, and cheese on top ($4.55). Although it has chile in its name, the Chile Relleno is not spicy as one would think. Instead, there’s a subtle fresh tint of spice that is very mild, and with the ranchera sauce, it’s an exceptional dish to try. 

As well, one can order a side dish of rice and beans ($4.55), to compliment your Chile Relleno. 

Sabroso Mexican Restaurant is definitely a place to check out, not only for its excellent dishes but affordable prices as well. This place is great to come with one’s family or a friend since they are many different foods to try.  This place is a sweet gem hidden in the Valley where one can keep coming back, and there will always be something new to try.