Sunday, July 3, 2022

That’s So Organic

Revolutionary food for a fast moving city.

A little slice of Italy in your backyard

Portia Medina/ The Bull   Nestled between an optometrist and a locksmith in a large strip mall on the south east corner of Devonshire Street and Mason Avenue is where you will find San Carlo Italian Deli. The small suburban storefront houses two rows of authentic Italian groceries just across from the deli counter where you place your order.   The deli case...

Pretty girls, tall drinks and clean laundry!


Dublin's Irish Bar and Grill located next to CSUN is a great student hang out.  Its location is key for students being conveniently located next to campus for a short walk, a liquor store where you can buy cigarettes and a laundromat so you can get a drink while doing laundry. 

The staff is friendly and good-looking and if you engage them in conversation they are likely to offer you a free creatively made shot.  The female bartenders and cocktail waitresses are very friendly, wear short shorts and show a good amount of cleavage.  They are however annoying uninformed about their menu and prices and even have a hard time even adding up your bill.