Friday, August 12, 2022

Long days, tired nights

Photo illustration by Katya Castillo. Vanessa Rivero sits outside her home. Photo by Vanessa Rivero. Most people have struggled with getting a good night’s sleep. People toss and turn in bed before finally getting rest. But what if that rest never comes? When discussing mental...

Zamorales BBQ and Tacos Filmed by Bala Subramaniyan Follow @zamorales_bbq_tacos from their location and hours

LAPC play Our Town

Multimedia by, Maja Losinska

Makeovers that Matter: The Mindset Program

#Slutwalk Downtown Los Angeles 2017


Castillo Mexican Restaurant

Filmed & Edited by John Gutierrez

Breaking the color barrier

For Adam Mendelson and Miranda Mendoza, a modern-day interracial couple's struggle isn't always discrimination, but other people's perception of them.

Insight History on Folklorico Dance

Multimedia by Giselle Ornemo

Soleful: A Love of Sneakers

Francisco Flores, a travel agent, is the owner of a large collection of rare and expensive sneakers. Flores is a burgeoning collector who started buying shoes recently, though the interest has been there for years. “Within the last year and a half, I just boomed into a huge sneakerhead, and now it’s like I’ve got to have every single shoe...

Multimedia: Susan Burton and A New Way of Life