Wednesday, January 27, 2021

What is Your Opinion on Clowns: An Investigation

Multimedia by: Jackson Hayano

Multimedia: IREST College Academy

Social media usage: Man on the street

Pierce College students share their thoughts on this generation's use of social media.

Pet treatment: Man on the street

Check out what Pierce College students had to say.

Walking Around Royce’s Arcade People talk about Royce's Arcade in Chatsworth, the largest arcade warehouse experience in Los Angeles. Supplementary to feature story "Welcome to the Game Grid" by Kieran MacIntyre. SHOW MORE

Hip-Hop Nation Creation Zachary Lattimore shares his life as a dancer with commentary by Hip-Hop instructor Maya Zellman.

Modify Me

Story and Photos by Joshua Cowan   California is known for a unique assortment of characters, and with the help of body modifiers, the sights are starting to become even more eye catching. Local shops provide many body modifications to their clients, from intricate tattoo designs to unique skin modification such as implants, scarring, suspension, branding, dermals and ear shaping. Although...

Fantastic Oddities Performers of Le Petit Cirque discuss their art.

The immigrant jumping the river After 19 years living in the USA, immigrant Mario Sandoval files for citizenship. Video by Jonathan Hintz

Video: Luge Your Mind

Filmed & Edited by Lynn Levitt