Friday, December 9, 2022

Pierce Photo Salon

Pierce College photo salon hosted in the campus library.

Mother Plucker: Feather Designer Willy Zelowitz Feather Artist Willy Zelowitz shares how the process is done. In business for 40 years, Zelowitz creates feather designs any way you want them. Fifty percent of his designs are requested from the TV and Movie industry. Video by: Sonia Gurrola

Music of Pierce

The music of Pierce is explored through campus singers.

Behind the Scenes: Dog Agility

The Bull is a student-run publication at Pierce College. Writer, Morgan McNair explores how different dog owners interact with their pups.

Multimedia: IREST College Academy

Castillo Mexican Restaurant

Filmed & Edited by John Gutierrez

Multimedia: Susan Burton and A New Way of Life

Married & Homeless in Los Angeles

Ally and Eddie have been together for 20 years, despite dealing with illness, becoming homeless and various other hardships. Through it all, they say their loyalty to each other and positive outlook is what keeps them going.   Video by Lynn Levitt

Tattoos: Man on the street

When first impressions mean everything, what adversities do tattoos fabricate?

The Life of a Singer

Multimedia by Meilani Welbeck