Friday, May 26, 2023

Plastic Recycling Plastic Recycling filmed by Ginina Pulcinella for the Spring 2022 Climate Issue of the Bull Magazine. Music in video "Hidden Place" by madirfan on

Tougher, Faster, Stronger

Santiago Cisneros (L) trains his client Tiffany La during a boxing session at Self Made Training Facility in Long Beach, Calif., on Sept 28, 2021.  When Santiago Cisneros was 4 years old living in San Jose, Calif., his father was arrested for selling drugs, leaving him, four siblings and a mother with no...

Soleful: A Love of Sneakers

Francisco Flores, a travel agent, is the owner of a large collection of rare and expensive sneakers. Flores is a burgeoning collector who started buying shoes recently, though the interest has been there for years. “Within the last year and a half, I just boomed into a huge sneakerhead, and now it’s like I’ve got to have every single shoe...

The Life of a Singer

Multimedia by Meilani Welbeck

Behind the Scenes: Dog Agility

The Bull is a student-run publication at Pierce College. Writer, Morgan McNair explores how different dog owners interact with their pups.

Breaking the color barrier

For Adam Mendelson and Miranda Mendoza, a modern-day interracial couple's struggle isn't always discrimination, but other people's perception of them.