Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Zamorales BBQ and Tacos

https://youtu.be/ABxCuIPASaY Filmed by Bala Subramaniyan Follow @zamorales_bbq_tacos from their location and hours

The Art of Seduction

Lola Chan, who goes by the stage name of Bettie P’Asian, is a burlesque dancer who headlines her own monthly show at Bar One Beer & Wine Parlour. Chan talks about her view on the burlesque subculture and what it's like for her during her performance. Video by Mohammad Djauhari

Mother Plucker: Feather Designer Willy Zelowitz

https://youtu.be/_l9iPcMQKzA Feather Artist Willy Zelowitz shares how the process is done. In business for 40 years, Zelowitz creates feather designs any way you want them. Fifty percent of his designs are requested from the TV and Movie industry. Video by: Sonia Gurrola

Long days, tired nights

Photo illustration by Katya Castillo. Vanessa Rivero sits outside her home. Photo by Vanessa Rivero. Most people have struggled with getting a good night’s sleep. People toss and turn in bed before finally getting rest. But what if that rest never comes? When discussing mental...

Tougher, Faster, Stronger

Santiago Cisneros (L) trains his client Tiffany La during a boxing session at Self Made Training Facility in Long Beach, Calif., on Sept 28, 2021.  When Santiago Cisneros was 4 years old living in San Jose, Calif., his father was arrested for selling drugs, leaving him, four siblings and a mother with no...

Fantastic Oddities

https://youtu.be/_kon8iz3dTg Performers of Le Petit Cirque discuss their art.