Thursday, May 25, 2023

Interracial relationships: Man on the street

Pierce College students share their opinions and personal experiences regarding interracial relationships in America.

Multimedia: Special Olympics Southern California

Walking Around Royce’s Arcade People talk about Royce's Arcade in Chatsworth, the largest arcade warehouse experience in Los Angeles. Supplementary to feature story "Welcome to the Game Grid" by Kieran MacIntyre. SHOW MORE

Monroe behind the gates

Video by: Michelle Lerner

The immigrant jumping the river After 19 years living in the USA, immigrant Mario Sandoval files for citizenship. Video by Jonathan Hintz

Breaking the color barrier

For Adam Mendelson and Miranda Mendoza, a modern-day interracial couple's struggle isn't always discrimination, but other people's perception of them.

Zamorales BBQ and Tacos Filmed by Bala Subramaniyan Follow @zamorales_bbq_tacos from their location and hours

Multimedia: Susan Burton and A New Way of Life

STREETBEAT: Who is your go-to music artist to listen to when you are in an emotional state?

Multimedia by, Christopher Torres

The Crusaders

Local band The Crusaders plays at night in the Guitar Merchant, Woodland Hills, Calif. Video by: Amy Au