Review: Sweetness Cake & Cafe

Current stay at home orders from the city of Los Angeles and the state of California has made it challenging for people to dine at their favorite cafes or restaurants.

There are still two ways for people to get their favorite treat from their neighborhood bakery, such as Sweetness Cakes & Cafe—either using delivery services or pickup.

The delivery food service app GrubHub was a fun experience.

GrubHub’s app is similar to Postmates, user-friendly and easy to navigate and search for restaurants and cafes. Searching for Sweetness Cakes & Cafe is easy; the cafe’s entire menu popped up, ready for an order.

Sweetness Cakes & Cafe offers a four-pack of cupcakes, with flavors including Vanilla Birthday, Pink Velvet, Red Velvet, and Oreo.

There’s also macarons, Pistachio and Lemon among them.

The order arrived in 20 minutes on the dot.

GrubHub has implemented a new guideline where delivery drivers will leave the food at your doorstep, then later inform you, so there is no contact between you and the delivery driver.

Sweetness Cakes & Cafe is a family-owned cafe/bakery open since 2014 offering custom cake creations, baked goods, sandwiches and coffees.

The Daily Cupcakes are deliciously moist and tasted as if they were freshly out of the oven.

For any person that loves to snap pictures of their food, these were the cupcakes for it. The Pink Velvet Cupcake was the prettiest one out of all of the cupcakes with pink frosting and dazzling little gold-colored chocolate puffs.

The Oreo Cupcake has a mini Oreo on the top of the Oreo cream filling frosting. At the bottom of the cupcake, there is a regular size Oreo creating a fun new twist to a regular chocolate cupcake.

The Red Velvet Cupcake’s cream cheese frosting isn’t too sweet nor too overpowering. It blended in with the flavor of the cupcake, creating a delicious treat that any Red Velvet lover out there would enjoy.

The Vanilla Birthday Cupcake is a treat that takes you back to your favorite childhood memories. The cake itself is butter confetti cake with vanilla buttercream topped with confetti sprinkles.

The Daily Cupcakes cost $3.25 each. However, you can get a four-pack for $13, a six-pack for $18, or a dozen for $35.

Moving on to the macarons, they are a little bit bigger of a quarter, going for $2 each. It’s a bite-sized treat that will satisfy your craving for something sweet and tasty.

The pistachio and lemon-flavored macarons are delightful to look at and taste.

In particular, the lemon-flavored macarons are not as sour as people might think lemon-flavored dessert can be. The flavor is perfectly balancing the lines between sweet & sour.

Lastly, the Abuelita Latte is a surprise gem to find because it’s a twist on a very famous Mexican drink, Chocolate Abuelita, turning it into a latte. Any child that grew up on Chocolate Abuelita has fond memories of being with family and feeling at home.

So, drinking Abuelita Latte as an adult brings those memories back. It goes for $4.50 for 12 oz. or $6.25 for 20 oz. or if you want it iced.

Abuelita Latte is a bit on the pricey side compared to a Caramel Macchiato Latte at Starbucks. However, Starbucks doesn’t have Chocolate Abuelita in the menu, so the latte is worth it because you cannot find it anywhere else.

Almost anybody coming through to Sweetness Cakes & Cafe can find something that they like and now that it’s going to be worth the trip and the money spent.

Sweetness Cakes & Cafe is easy to find through a delivery food app or if you want to pick up your order. It is located on 128 N. Maclay Ave, San Fernando, CA.

Its operational hours may have changed at the moment. However, they are usually on Mondays-Fridays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sundays, they are closed.