Letter from the Editor- Los Angeles

People from different parts of the world come every day to La La Land—aka the City of Angels, or the Entertainment Capital of the World.


Los Angeles is a treasure trove of cultural, philosophical and geographic diversity, yet it seems at times as though the only thing that connects us is the maze of freeways.


I wanted to discover the people and places that are unique to LA, and jam pack as many stories about them between these pages (and cover our website thebullmag.com with even more).


Social media actors, street vendors and barbers to the stars share space in this issue with a retro video arcade, a museum of Angelino pop culture and a raw vegan bar—a rich and varied taste of what LA has to offer.


This semester was the greatest learning experience of my educational and professional career. I was forced to step out of my comfort zone and learned lessons throughout the process.


Also, I want to give a special thanks to advisers Jeff Favre and Jill Connelly, who not only believed in my abilities, but they helped nurture my creative side as well.


So, flip the page. LA is waiting for you.


-Tanya Castañeda

Photo by Brian Caldera