Letter from the editor- Alone Together

Photo by: Alan Castro


Our individuality and life experiences shape each of us into fascinating human beings. We never face anything entirely alone and although the feeling of loneliness may set in, most people do whatever they can to overcome it. We are social creatures, constantly finding new ways of interacting.


This magazine explores that solidarity and tells the stories of individuals and communities which seem vastly different on the surface, but all formed with the purpose of fighting off the loneliness together. In these pages, you’ll read about a non-profit organization that strives to help women and children who have suffered from domestic abuse, and the group of bicyclists in East Los Angeles that works to keep youth from turning to drugs and gangs by keeping them active. Then there’s the majestic Hindu temple that’s tucked away in the Santa Monica Mountains, home to priests who live and pray in peace, away from the bustling lifestyle of Los Angeles.


My team of reporters and photographers worked tirelessly to complete this magazine, using their individual talents and styles to tell the stories within. It has been a privilege to serve as their editor-in-chief. Alone, each person wrote and shot their stories. Together, we watched in awe as those stories were put on these pages.  


I couldn’t have done it without all the hard work and total dedication of my staff. The editors – Lynn Levitt, who always knows how to “get it done,” and Alan, who stepped up to the plate as Photo Editor – have done a tremendous job. From photographer to writer to editor, I have grown so much, and it’s all thanks to the department’s advisers. I will continue working to make them proud as I apply what I’ve learned to my future in the field.
I hope you enjoy this semester’s Bull Magazine, themed Alone Together. Thank you for reading!