Cavaretta’s Italian Deli & Groceries

Written by Kristen Aslanian

Photo by John Gutierrez


Location: 22045 Sherman Way, Canoga Park, CA 91303
Phone: (818) 340-6626

Mon.- Sat. from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.



Cavaretta’s is more than just your traditional deli, it’s is also a grocery store which imports groceries from places like Italy and New York.

With Boar’s Head umbrellas swaying in the wind, and a building that resembles an Italian flag, I’d say Cavaretta’s Italian Deli & Groceries is rather easy to spot while driving down Sherman Way. This Italian deli has been open since 1959 and under the same ownership since 1983. The city of Los Angeles gave Cavaretta’s Italian Deli & Groceries the title of a significant landmark on June 21, 2007. After all the three mile drive from Los Angeles Pierce College to Cavaretta’s is worth the quality of food.

The drive is worth eating a healthy meal for lunch instead of greasy food truck meals. A salad or cold cut sandwich will cost around $6 to $8, not including a drink or chips. From the moment you step inside Cavaretta’s, your senses are overwhelmed with Italian spices and freshly sliced Boar’s Head brand cold cuts.

Cavaretta’s also serves freshly baked rolls. The Greek salad makes for a tasty side dish served with fresh tomatoes, sliced red onions, topped with crumbly feta cheese and some olives as well. You can’t go wrong with a small or large cold cut sandwich. Some meats include: ham, mortadella, roast beef, salami, and tuna.

Cavaretta’s also offers a vegetarian sandwich, along with gluten free products. The homemade lasagna is perfect for those cold afternoons or rainy days when you need a warm meal to cheer you up.

Cavaretta’s lasagna is layered with seasoned Italian sausage, lean ground beef, marinara sauce and melted string-like mozzarella cheese. For dessert, employees recommend the ‘famous’ cannoli that comes topped with sugar powder and chocolate chips. With a creamy center and crunchy texture, the ‘famous’ cannoli is baked to perfection every time.

Cavaretta’s continues to maintain their wall of hundreds of Polaroid pictures consisting of celebrities and loyal customers. One could spend hours looking at all the faces and group photos currently hanging on the hall wall of the back entrance of the restaurant.

Parking is limited, so don’t forget to bring some change just incase you park in front of a parking meter.
Seating is also limited, so you might have better luck on getting your order out on time if you call ahead and attempt to reserve a table.

Both wine and beer can be bought at Cavaretta’s Italian Deli and Groceries.

The Deli itself hasn’t changed much since they originally opened in 1959. Cavaretta’s serves top of the line food along with excellent customer service.