Burritos El Chavo Restaurant

Written by Evelia Rodriguez


Location: 6032 Reseda Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91356

Hours: Open 7 Days a week


Burritos El Chavo is a very well-known local restaurant in Tarzana. Just a couple of streets down from Pierce College. You can hop on the Orange Line Bus and get off on Reseda Boulevard. For students who want a quick bite but are afraid to lose their parking space. You can also call in to place your order and just pick up your food. It’s an authentic Mexican restaurant with 34 different dishes to choose from and 12 different types of drinks.


Burrito El Chavo logo is orange and it has a donkey on it as well. When you step inside they have a couple of tables that you can sit on. There is only one waitress and she is very nice and polite. This restaurant is air conditioned and it has a television. The food is prepared and cooked in an open space where you can clearly see how the food is made. You can interact with the cooks as they make your food. I went there during lunch and it was kind of busy, but they didn’t mess up my order and the food came out really fast.


You could tell that everyone who was there were returning customers because they knew the cooks’ names, and the cooks remembered all of their customers’ names as well.  It was really nice to know that they actually took their time to remember.


El Chavo is known for their burritos. They have 12 different types of burritos. I tried 3 different types. For $6, the El Chavo Chicken burrito was really good and moist. It was covered in red sauce mix with a little green sauce. The sauces were really favorable, and they are not spicy at all. So for people who don’t like spiciness, the sauce has a good taste. They had really nice big chunks of chicken not fatty parts.


For $6 you can get one of their most famous dishes, the Asada Burrito. They give you the options of a dry burrito or a burrito soaked in red or green sauce. They also give you the option of adding onion and cilantro lettuce tomato and green jalapenos. The asada meat is so delicious they do not have any of that fatty, chewy meat that you would taste at other taco restaurants.


I also tried the chorizo and egg burrito. It was a really strange dish, but it was surprisingly delicious at a cost of $6.25. They serve breakfast burritos any time.


Their drinks were mostly fountain drinks, but what burrito place doesn’t have fountain drinks? They had hot coffee for the morning people. They also had typical Mexican Agua Fresca drinks like Horchata, Tamarindo, Pina Colada and Jamaica.


I would come back here to Burritos El Chavo any day. I was very pleased by their service and their well known burritos. All in all, it’s a very good restaurant.