Coming out: Living a taboo life

People who live on the edge of what many voices in society deem normal — those who deal drugs for a living, those who sell skin for a living and those who live without a god or religion — will be profiled in an upcoming article for the Pierce College Bull magazine.

With one interview down and the spring 2014 semester in full swing, I feel confident that others will willingly tell their stories as what was once taboo now fades into a new history of tolerance and acceptance.

What was once considered a hazy fantasy wrought with Tetrahydrocannabino-induced giggles, pot is now sold over the counter in broad daylight in medicinal marijuana clubs and boutiques.

Popular teenage parent reality shows as well as the prevalence of online pornography such as sites like highlight the normalizing of early adolescent sexuality.

How one navigates nationwide religious holidays. How one builds a resume on selling pot. How one contemplates a family while stripping. I hope to address these questions and more in this semester of the Bull magazine.