Third eye wide (In retrospect)

In a coffee-charged writing spree, I was able to cook up a good proposal for my magazine publication. This is my first semester working with the magazine, but I’m excited nonetheless. Here is a little taste of what my main project in this class will be:

Sorcerers, Seers, and Shamans, they come in all shapes, forms, and incantations. We’ve seen them in the movies and heard about them in fairy tales, but what is the real truth behind mysticism? Open the door into a world of mystery. Open your mind to concepts considered taboo. Open your third eye, wide.

In this project, I’m hoping to give insight on modern day Witchcraft, something that has been observed since the beginning of humanity. This story isn’t solely about witchcraft, but almost equally importantly the relevance of witchcraft in the year 2014. The rivalry between science and spirituality is at an all-time high, with spectators left with nothing but “expert opinions” from books we’ve never read and things we’ve never seen. It’s time to get the first-hand, raw answers behind this theology. Not to expose anyone or being, but instead give truth to the ignorant. Hopefully though this story, I can bring greater understand and tolerance to things that were once considered ‘unacceptable’ in the past.

Maybe someone will view this blog entree with an opinion that could possibly make my story stronger, maybe not. Either way it feels good to get this out there, even if no one views it.