It’s a dog’s hard life

Especially in Los Angeles, it seems like people are treating their dogs as if it is their own flesh in blood child.

The biggest mistake dog owners can make with their dogs is to treat them like humans.

The human race is such a kind, compassionate species that we tend to look at our canine companions as little humans, when in reality, they are canines and have a very different thought process.

Dogs instinctively crave rules to follow, and limits as to what they are allowed to do.

When dogs live with humans, the humans become the dog’s pack.

For the relationship to succeed, humans must become the dog’s pack leader.

The mistake is made when the humans in the pack only give the dog love, and overlook the other needs of the dog.

To a dog, constant affection without rules and limits goes against every grain in its instinct.

While dogs enjoy being given affection, it does not satisfy the animal and it is not what makes them well balanced, stable minded, secure and happy.

Dogs love affection, however that alone does not make a dog happy, yet satisfying its instincts does.

You need to provide proper emotional stability in order to achieve this, and showing you have an orderly pack with rules to follow is what the dog needs.

Giving your dog affection is important for the human, and enjoyed by the dog, but must be done at the correct times.