Review: Krimsey’s Cajun Kitchen

No longer do the words Cajun and Vegan have to exist as an oxymoron. 

This woman-owned, all-vegan Cajun restaurant is redefining what it means to eat Vegan, one southern fried, tastefully seasoned, homemade meal at a time. 

Krimsey’s Cajun Kitchen, located in North Hollywood, was named after the owner,, a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, native who is obsessed with Cajun food. 

The interior design of the restaurant is adorned with various Louisiana themed decorations. From small voodoo dolls strategically placed along the walls, to various jars of spices that are displayed along the walls. The voodoo doll in their logo, named Nola, drives home their belief that “Good voodoo is what makes Krimsey’s special.” 

The restaurant pays great attention to detail, from the back of the menus that have a philosophical quote by Alan Watts, to the much darker, hidden corners where random paintings of farm animals hang—an ongoing reference to their strong beliefs in the sacredness of animals. 

Fake moss, beaded necklaces, sayings and quotes and so many other various though, seemingly random pieces of decor are sprinkled all throughout the restaurant. 

The medley of bright colors, dim lighting and cheerful staff greeting every guest with, “Welcome” mix together charmingly to create a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere. 

The menu carries popular Louisiana based meals, poboys, biscuits ‘n gravy, grits and okra gumbo, with a plant-based twist. The menu is concise and easy to read. The descriptions are 

helpful and directly to the point. They also have options for those who are gluten free, or have nut and soy allergies. 

The fried pickles have the perfect exterior of crispy cornmeal batter, covering them and were perfectly seasoned and were accompanied with a savory Cajun ranch. 

The Southern hushpuppies are served hot, yet ready to be eaten at the same time. These hushpuppies are cooked with spices that were sweet, onion-flavored and tangy all at the same time. Served with creamy, zesty homemade Cajun ranch dipping sauce, this fun appetizer gets the party started as a great first dish to order for the table. 

These appetizers are a fantastic build up leading into the main dish: Red beans and rice, Jambalaya and a golden cornbread muffin on the side. The red beans and rice could literally be eaten without teeth! 

The beans were soft, and gentle with every bite taken, and the fluffy white rice are soft and feathery. With tiny chopped onions, an array of spices and seasonings and delicious, chewy chunks of vegan-turkey, it was very difficult to taste the plant based quality within the dish. 

Smaller pieces of pho-turkey were mixed on top of a bed of soft, feathery orange rice, and drenched in a delicious cajun sauce, while sprinkled with small diced onions and crunchy red cabbage bits. 

The medium-sized, golden, cornbread muffin served on the side is sweet with a soft, warm, cake-like texture, which makes it easy for the vegan butter that is smeared onto it, to instantly melt into the cakey pores of the pastry, leaving it moist and pleasing to eat. 

Every last Thursday of the month, Krimsey’s also hosts live Cajun bands there. The band playing a recent evening, the High Life Band, consists of a fiddler, guitarist, and an accordian player, and all three sing. The music is fun, lively and, at times, a bit too loud, but overall enjoyable. 

Krimsey’s was founded in 2017. It’s cozy restaurant that is saturated with love, light and amazing home cooked meals. 

A meal at Krimsey’s has the potential to propose the question, does cajun food even need meat in it to be authentic? 

Breakout Box: 

Name: Krimsey’s Cajun Kitchen Address: 12900 Victory Blvd,North Hollywood, CA 91606 Phone: (818) 308-6166 Website: Hours: Monday – Thursday from 11:00am to 10:00pm Friday from 11:00am to 10:30pm Saturday from 8:30am to 10:30pm Sunday from 8:30am to 10:00pm 

Sample Menu: 

Southern Hushpuppies $6.29 

Golden Fried Pickles $6.29 

The Jazzy Trio Plate $14.49 

Trinity Red beans and Rice and sausage $12.99 

New Orleans Poboy $12.99 

Smoky Okra Gumbo + Cornbread muffin $12.99 

Voodoo Brownie Beignet $5.99