REVIEW: Joe’s Café

There’s a lot to say about the diversity of cultural influences on dining in the city of Los Angeles. But there’s a spot just off Chatsworth st in Granada Hills shy north of the CSUN campus called Joe’s Café, where all the influence you will find here is comfort, friends, and plenty of freshly made good eats! So come hangry!

This friendly restaurant offers a variety of mouthwatering food.You will love the many options available for those looking for a healthier dish, one plate or bowl of choice is their Cobb salad. Prepared with the usual flavorful ingredients of tiny, trimmed bacon bits, freshly cut boiled eggs, finely cut crisp lettuce that blanketed by your favorite dressing of choice. 

If you’re looking for something more suitable for your morning dining experience, try the eggs and bacon plate accompanied with warm sourdough toast and a side of fresh fruit. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, don’t forget to add a side plate of never coming back from these, buttermilk pancakes with a pinch of fresh bananas.

Coming in for a quick grab and go? Then indulge yourself for a moment on the warmth of fresh brewed coffee in their signature big mouth cup and a slice of warmed pretzel bread. 

Whether you dine in, carry out, or enjoy delivery you’ll find it at Joe’s Café. You can choose to dine inside where your seating selection range from family style booths with slide in seating, intimate tables for two or join your friends for a bite in one of the two outside dining areas or choose to sit at the barstools in front where staff and guests always find time to interact with each other. 

Whatever it is you are looking for, you’ll be sure to find it at Joe’s Café located at 17823 Chatsworth st in Granada Hills.