Food review: Angel City Cafe

When you think of American style food generally you think of burgers and pizza, but Angel City Cafe stands out with their new twist on a classic genre.

Located on Ventura Boulevard, this spacious and elegant restaurant greets customers with a European style service, where customers sit themselves. With a cozy covered patio, Angel City Cafe gives their customers the opportunity to enjoy the tranquil sound of the trickling water fountain placed outside the entrance.

Inside the cafe soothing jazz music plays, which sets the tone of this moderately priced restaurant, giving customers more bang for their buck. Keep in mind that the small menu may be seasonal and some items may not be available.

Angel City Cafe’s signature dish is the Potato Crusted Sea Bass, a delicately styled plate that places their breaded fish over a pile of steamed vegetables giving the right amount of crunch under a sauteed creamy capers and lemon-butter sauce. Without hesitating in which item to eat first on your plate you can’t avoid but to automatically combine all three items offered in one bite enjoying every delicious taste.

For dessert, the cafe also carries Dandy Don’s homemade ice cream offering a variety of flavors like Cappuccino Crunch giving a customer a generous three scoop serving. Served in a silver frozen bowl that keeps the ice cream from melting too quickly giving the opportunity to indulge at every spoonful without rushing. The flavor was not only subtle to the taste but the mixed chocolate chips did not stop the enjoyment from what usually consists an overly sugary taste of other ice cream brands.

Whether it’s ordering take out or dining in at Angel City Cafe they offer their customers great quality of food with just as quick service without having to wait long amounts of time to receive their order. This new spin of American style food definitely proves their commitment to their customers with their creative gourmet styled plates and food variety on their classic genre.