Food review: China Buffet

On Sherman Way Ave., China Buffet is the most financially economical buffet where you get the most out of your $5 bill.  Caution if you’ve never been there before as it is troublesome to find, as they only have a small 4 x 5 a sign posted near their front entrance.

A friendly young voice greets you as you walk through a glass front door that reads “$4.99 Lunch Special.” The sound of clicking forks against blue-rimed porcelain plates and people chatting fills the room as the waiter walks you to your seat. Tables are made of a smooth, laminated wood with comfortable brown bench seats to match the tan colored walls with three large windows to your right to enjoy the view of city life on Sherman Way. Chinese lanterns hang from the red-stripped ceiling. Music from a radio station can be faintly heard from inside the kitchen doors as a chef walks out with a batch of freshly cooked chicken wings.

Three hubs contain food ranging from French fries, to saucy orange chicken, to Mongolian BBQ. The steam coming from the food hubs rises and spreads through out the area, giving off a delicious scent that makes your mouth water.

Eggs rolls stuffed with beef and dipped in soy sauce with an ice-cold pink lemonade are an excellent choice for an appetizer.

The coconut chicken, soft and chewy with a sweet white coconut sauce layered over the grilled chicken with a hint of basil goes well with a side dish of chow mien.

Fried rice is moist, served with little peas and carrots. However if you are not into greasy food, China Buffet might not be the best place to go as it has greasy chicken wings that are extremely chewy.

The delicious dessert has people with a sweet tooth coming back and forth. In a corner near the kitchen, you find a small booth filled with chocolate cake covered in chocolate frosting and a small butterfly designed into every square on one side and vanilla cake spread with vanilla frosting topped off with small coconut shreds all cut into 2 x 2 inch squares. Red Jello sits by the fruit bar that varies from juicy watermelon slices to ripe green grapes that burst in your mouth setting off your taste buds.

China Buffet stays pretty busy with its doors open 364 days a year for 10 hours per day opening at 11:00 am till 9:30 p.m. and also offers dinner specials starting at $7.99 on Monday through Thursday. Free parking is provided and found behind the establishment in an open lot while security patrols the area to assure nothing happens to your belongings.