Shir Nakash

MusicAli Speaking

MusicAli Speaking

The sound of seventeen carefully blended voices fills the room in a swelling crescendo as the cohesive group of UCLA students concentrates on executing the songs they’ve spent more than one hundred hours rehearsing. One soprano with shiny dark hair and a powerful falsetto stands out among the assembly. Ali Hepps is a 19-year-old student […]

 David Hawkins

Welcome to the Cabaret

Welcome to the Cabaret

Hands moving in a fluid like motion and gracefully fluttering fingers displaying a flurry of emotions visually telling a story. American Sign Language Cabaret also known as ASL Cabaret is a variety show produced by Mona Jean Cedar and Jo-Ann Dean. Mona Jean Cedar said, “ASL Cabaret has already exceeded my expectations. We started three […]

 Marielle Stober

Other Worldly

A half-formed face pieced together from scraps of clay stares at the blanched ceiling—voiceless yet unnerving. Its hollowed eyes gaze upward in a state of perpetual shock while its mouth—prodded and pulled out of alignment—hangs slack-jawed as if it were screaming. Like the many other sketches and sculptures that litter Naomi Nadreau’s modest home, the […]

 Amy Au

Laying down a beat

Laying down a beat

 The mass of fans, packed into the Troubadour in West Hollywood, chant “Eve6, Eve6!” with religious fervor. Later, the opening notes of “Inside Out” are played, driving the crowd to scream and shout. As the lead vocalist sings into the mic, the fans echo the lyrics with mounting enthusiasm. Q: When did you start writing […]

 Marc Dionne

Gamer dream team

After hours of work, the birth of a video game comes to reality for 18-year-old Leilani Toone. Face etched in deep concentration and buried in drawings, moving objects appearing on two computer screens, a short-haired blonde head bobs up from a desk smiling at her partner in crime, her dad.   The game started for […]

 Alan Castro

Los Angeles design, African culture

Along black hooded sweater is laid across the table. Stuck somewhere between a cardigan and a robe in its style, the soft quilted fabric reflects little light due to its semi-matte finish. This contemporary article of clothing draws inspiration from Los Angeles street fashion and the rich heritage of Zimbabwe. At the helm of its […]

 Jose Herrera

Volunteer Task Force AX

Hair as light as low simmering ember, tied back with a black hairband into an impeccable ponytail, anthropology major and Pierce College student Brenna Perteet increases her pace as she rushes into Starbucks. Cream, sugar, spices and warm baking dough engulf her senses while she cuts ahead of the growing line. She ordered her coffee […]

 Samantha Bravo

Life Illustrated

It starts with a blank sheet of paper. Concentrating, while a cascade of ideas release from the lead of a pencil onto the page, is how animation begins. Animator Scott Claus used to work on one drawing an hour, sometimes for 10 to 12 hours. Born and raised in Oregon, Claus studied motion pictures and […]

 Vanessa Arredondo

Work hard, play harder

Certain characteristics such as height and hair and eye color are determined by a person’s genetic makeup before birth. It has been argued that personality traits like sarcasm or shyness can be passed from parent to child. For BDSM community member Janice Hartz-Pettit, the apple did not fall far from the tree; genetically speaking or […]

 Tanya Castaneda

Producer on the run

Juxtaposed against her thin frame and bubbly personality, Racquel Lehrman plays a leading role in theater entertainment. Despite being almost 3,000 miles from New York, she is bringing Broadway to Southern California. Theater is Lehrman’s greatest passion. Her goal is to help keep the art alive as she runs her own production company in Los […]

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