Walk This Way

Stowed away in an unsuspecting building in downtown Los Angeles, art studios and artists’ lofts fuse into one art district on Main Street. Twice a year, works of art are displayed in the annual Brewery Art Walk event, where the creators have the opportunity to invite visitors into their personal space to allow others to admire their efforts. This spring, the artists opened their doors for all to see.

Photographers, painters and sculptors came together to create masterpieces in LA. In one studio, photojournalist Jim Payne displays his photographs to visitors in a unique way. With several viewmasters hanging from the ceiling, guests were encouraged to pick up his work and view the 3D images inside of the device.

For Payne, his art is a way of life. Working on the same project for years, he sees his efforts as a piece of Americana. He also believes that this lifelong project has helped shape who he is today.

“As soon as you start realizing that your viewpoint is a very limited perspective based upon your experience, then the whole world opens up and you realize how much you don’t know,” Payne says.