‘Unhitched’ already unraveling

David Salpeter

The opening credits of “Unhitched”

The Farrelly Brothers, creators of “Dumb and Dumber” and “There’s Something About Mary,” have created a new show, “Unhitched.” What looked to be a new hilarious show for the FOX Sunday night lineup fell short of funny.

What made them think this show could really go on for more than six episodes? Are we just going to get episode after episode of these four people going on dates and having everything go wrong? It seems that, after watching these six episodes, that is all the show is going to be about.

The show is based on four newly single friends living in Boston who find out it’s not so easy to start over again in the dating scene. Jack “Gator” Gately (Craig Bierko) is a newly divorced bachelor living in Boston who is hitting the dating scene again after the dissolution of his long marriage.

Gately is accompanied by three friends: Tommy (Johnny Sneed), a three-time divorcee who is very open about his hunger for food, beer and women; Freddy (Shaun Majumder), a successful surgeon who is nowhere near as successful with the opposite sex; and Kate (Rashida Jones), an attorney who handled all three of the guy’s divorces and has just turned 30 and is alone after her seven-year engagement.

The show was, quite plainly, very boring. It seemed to be written for people in their late 30s, but was put in the same lineup of shows as King of the Hill, the Simpsons and Family Guy, which are geared toward a younger audience. The jokes seem very scripted and not thought through enough. The Farrelly Brothers just didn’t meet expectations.

The funniest cast member, Sneed, has the smallest role of all, while the least funny member, Majumder, has an extensive role. Majumder’s jokes are lame and most of the time, they remind me of something a 12-year-old boy might say. As for the lead actor, Bierko, his jokes are all based on his mishaps with the women he meets, but who really goes out on this many dates and has something go wrong every single time?

I have seen some of these cast members in other shows and movies where they were really funny, such as Craig Bierko in movies like “Scary Movie 4” and “Sour Grapes,” and Rashida Jones in “The Office,” but either this show was just not for them, or the writing was entirely lacking. Johnny Sneed, the cast member that has the smallest amount of experience in comedic acting, is the only believable and funny character.

This show is not going to make it past the first season with its boring jokes and horrible acting unless something changes.

Rating: D