The Natural Choice

In today’s society more and more people are adopting an organic lifestyle. Some people believe it is a healthier option and others think the practice helps the environment.

To be called organic, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) requires that the food meets strict standards. The USDA regulates how the food is grown, handled and processed.

“It takes 3-5 years for the land to be considered organic,” says Teal Rocco, co-owner of Topanga Fresh Market.

Organic farmers are not allowed to use chemical fertilizers in the soil. They are also banned by the USDA from using genetically engineered seeds.

“Pesticides can be harmful to humans and wildlife because they contaminate our air, food and water,” says Michelle Basche, an avid organic consumer.

Basche says that the company Monsanto is one of the major producers of genetically modified organisms, known as GMOs.

“They sell a hormone to dairy farmers that increases a cow’s capacity to produce milk. It has been found that cows milk could cause breast or prostate cancer in people who consume it.”

By choosing to go organic, people are helping to lower the amount of chemicals used in food production.