The loyalty of ‘man’s best friend’

Dogs are incredibly loyal.

Some people would say it is just because they depend on us for food and shelter, so they have to be nice to us. But, when you see how dogs react when their owner comes back after they have been gone for a long time, you know it is about more than food.

Dogs are pack animals. They want to belong to a pack, whether it is made up of dogs or humans.¬†Dogs aren’t loners. When they lose a member of a pack, even temporarily, it’s as if they feel that a part of them is missing.

Dogs are also naturally affectionate. Their instinct is to want to bond. Dogs that fight or attack have been conditioned by humans to be that way. They want to love and be loved, which I think deep down is what all of us want.

Also, they want to be part of a pack, contribute to their pack, and protect their fellow pack members.

When you have a dog, it does not judge you, whereas most humans do, whether it is intentional or not. The friendship between man and dog has gone back thousands of years. Dogs did not become man’s best friend for no reason. They give us unconditional love every day.

In the face of disaster, danger, and death, some dogs live up to their reputations as man’s best friend with heart-wrenching acts of loyalty.

I have heard so many stories of how when the dog’s owner dies, the dog finds his own way to the grave sight, or where the body is, and refuses to leave their owners’ side.

The dog’s loyalty is so strong, that even through death, it is determined to be by their owners’ side.

I heard a story of a 25-year-old man that commit suicide in the Colorado wilderness. He was missing for days and no one knew what had happened to him. The man’s dog actually led investigators and police to where the man’s body was located. The dog had been protecting his owners’ body from being eaten alive from coyotes. Everyone was shocked that the dog had found the man’s body all on his own.

Dogs are extremely loyal animals, and it is amazing how strong the bond between humans and dogs can be.