The cost of desire

Since I was unable to get paired with someone that I didn’t know in the classroom, I had the honor of interviewing my old editor and friend Michaia Hernandez.

Michaia decided that she wanted her topic for The Bull Magazine to be male prostitution.

She believes it would be interesting to explore the different dynamic about being a male who actually solicits sex.

I offered her suggestions as to how escorting for males is different, and discovering the ways that male prostitutes differ from female prostitutes.

Michaia also explained how the project meant outside of the obvious. Being raised in a ‘protective’ environment that isn’t exposed to much taboo, especially something as forbidden as male prostitution, she felt it would be good for her to explore outside of the world she knows and try something new.

This is also her last project for The Bull Magazine since she plans to move on after this semester, so it’s important to her that she has an excellent production.

As someone who has worked with Michaia ever since I entered the journalism program, I’m sure her project will be nothing short of amazing.