Streaming to Success

Photo by: Alan Castro

In the gaming world people are now able to make a living. It’s just another day at work as Mark Neacey sits on the computer in his casual attire of a T-shirt, baggy shorts and flip-flops. He screams various phrases at his computer screen.

Neacey makes ends meet by working as a full-time streamer, known in pop culture as a live streaming online gamer.

He resides in the oceanside city of Marina Del Rey. At the age of 10, Neacey first gained interest in gaming for pleasure as a result of his parents not being home a great deal.

“I’ve been gaming for as long as I can remember,” Neacey said. “My parents gave me a console for my birthday and it’s stuck to me ever since.”

He lived in Pittsfield, Maine, a dead end with respect to the gaming tournaments. At, 18 he set aside his gaming to obtain a college degree at Full Sail university. However, his college debt was burying him.

At 23, Neacey entered the army and did a tour in Afghanistan. Finishing his tour of duty he moved to California with the desire to get into the gaming community.

His experience in Afghanistan is not something he advertises on the channel and does not want to revolve around his title as an veteran.

Neacey’s gamer channel, “N3ac3y,” can be found on YouTube and Twitch. Millions of people watch Twitch streams and YouTube videos of their favorite players. League of Legends is a free-to-play, multiplayer, online game that utilizes synergy and strategy constantly. At the moment it pulls 27 million players daily, some of which may use services from a site like this to pay for a better leveled account then they could personally achieve due to time constraints or other factors.

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Furthermore, teamwork is an important part of League of Legends. Blue Hendrix (Warhood Gaming), a devout subscriber of N3ac3y’s, credits his success to Neacey.

Blue Hendrix has been watching Neacey’s content since early 2014.

“I love watching streams because they help me get better at gaming,” Blue Hendrix said.

N3acy’s YouTube channel has 27,000 subscribers and 3.9 million channel views. His 200 Twitch channel subscribers earn him $5 each.

“My channels all started from scratch,” Neacey said. “I had no connections within the gaming scene which made it extremely difficult for my channels grow.”

Neacey’s channel is designed to teach casual gamers his gaming techniques and strategies, ultimately improving their gameplay.

James McKeever, a professor at Pierce College, is not a stranger to the powerful assistance of YouTube.

“Youtube allows people to experience different style of teaching,” McKeever said.

Neacey is passionate about his job and struggles sometimes to influence his viewers.

“One hard thing about my job is finding a way to attract viewers and ultimately meet my goal of making them a better gamer,” Neacey said.

Neacey is very optimistic about his future and plans to steadily grow. His current goal is to reach 500 subscribers on his Twitch account and 100,000 for his YouTube account.

Neacey receives a lot of feedback from his viewers that keeps him inspired to make more.

“People’s comments and emails inform me ofwhat I help them with and make me want to do my job even more.”