Señor Grandes Fresh Mexican Grill

A steak ceasar salad with a small drink at Señor Grandes Fresh Mexican Grill in Woodland Hills, Calif. on Sept. 24, 2015. Photo: Marc Dionne
A steak ceasar salad with a small drink at Señor Grandes Fresh Mexican Grill in Woodland Hills, Calif. on Sept. 24, 2015. Photo: Marc Dionne


With many choices for Mexican food, finding one that is different can be considered a hard thing to think about. Light and fresh is the motto for the restaurant named Señor Grandes Fresh Mexican Grill.

Located between a Logix Banking and Biriyani Factory Indian food, you see a big sign for Señor Grandes Mexican Grill.

This restaurant is different from other Mexican restaurants by offering a vegetarian option to a variety of their meals.

Walking in this restaurant, you see the menu posted up to show the build your own meal option as well as the prepared meals they have. The register displays the different salsas that they have and all over the restaurant are signs to tell you where the important items are and each is in English and Spanish with a Spanish pronunciation to help say the word properly.

Señor Grandes offers breakfast Monday – Friday from 7 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. with items like burritos, oatmeal, coffee and teas to make the meal.

On the build your own menu, you can customize salads, tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadillas and tostada salads with meats like chicken, steak and grilled fish. The vegetarian options for the build your own menu include a garden mix with yellow and orange carrots with broccoli and peas, and fajita veggies which are tomatoes, onions and peppers with sour cream and cheese.

A typical tostada salad has steak or chicken, but with the build your own option any of the offered meats can be replaced with vegetarian options. The grilled fish tostada salad with brown rice and black beans is a smooth and fresh flavor with an edible tostada plate.

The Grande Caesar salad comes as plain, steak or chicken. The steak caesar salad was fresh but bold with the meat flavors from the steak and crunchy with the tortilla croutons. This plate has tomatoes, parmesan cheese and lightly pickled carrots with a side of caesar salad dressing.

The tortilla chips sold in the chips and salsa are very crispy, lightly salted, not greasy and are paired with the salsa of your choice.

Prices start from about $1.20 – $11 with a variety of options.

They have something new to offer for those in a hurry or do not want to get out of the car. The curbside service is when you call your order to pick up from the restaurant but you do not need to park or go inside because one of the employees comes to give the food while you sit in your car. The slogan that Señor Grandes has “It’s better than a Drive Thru” for the curbside service.

Ordering from the curbside service is done by going on to the Señor Grandes Fresh Mexican Grill website. When in the ordering menu you choose the items that you want and on the bottom there is a bar to input what your car looks like with the actual brand of car. As stated on the website, it requests that you call the number listed while turning on the emergency lights to signal you are here for the food.

Señor Grandes Mexican Grill is located at 21514 Victory Blvd., Woodland Hills, California. Their phone number is (818)346-9144 and they opened 7 days a week.