Review: Nat’s West Café

Nat’s West Café on Topanga is definitely a spot you should go to for a meal anytime of the day. 

Their staff is so sweet and patient and the whole ambiance of the little cafe is very mid western for sure with all the beautiful hand painted art on the walls surrounding the whole cafe. 

They have a specific wall they post up the best kids art and is the first thing you see when you enter and look to your left. There are 2 menus that show the Breakfast Specials, one outside written on a chalkboard which you see before you enter and another inside on a much bigger chalkboard to the right. 

The menu has so many items that sound really good but I went with the Green Chilaquiles which came with a side of hashbrowns, but they also have a side of beans you can order, house salsa on the side, a coffee, and a side of pumpkin pancakes. 

My Chilaquiles weren’t soggy from the salsa and the egg on top was over medium so the white was firm and the yolk was runny. The steak on top was cooked to perfection, they don’t ask how you want it so if there’s a certain way you prefer your steak to be cooked then you should mention it, but I had no problem with my steak. The green salsa the chilaquiles came with wasn’t that spicy to me so the waiter, Cristian, recommended that I get a side of the house salsa (the salsa on top) which I got and was not disappointed at all.

The hashbrowns here were amazing, probably the best I’ve had compared to other places, it was well seasoned with the top being the right amount of crunchiness and the inside still being soft. 

The pumpkin pancakes I ordered were also delicious. They were so soft and warm and the pumpkin flavour is there along with hints of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg to make you feel the fall spirit. Melissa, another worker nearby, recommended a side of cream cheese to put on top of the pancakes and her suggestion is one to go with. 

The food was absolutely delicious, the chefs knew what they were doing back there. 

Service was fairly quick and Cristian was always checking up on us to make sure we had everything we needed, I never felt neglected or unwelcomed at any point. Nat’s West Cafe treats every customer with love so it makes it the perfect cafe to take anyone that you love. 

Nat’s West Café is located on 8336 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Canoga Park, CA. 91304

Open everyday from 7-2:30 Mon- Fri, and 7-3 Sun and Sat.

Check out their instagram @Natswestcafe_ for updates and their online menu.