Pursuing The Sport With A Passion

Nabil Mardini worked diligently in his office dressed in his signature heather gray Pierce College volleyball shirt and khaki pants to match. Accompanying his relaxed appearance was a welcoming grin.

Mardini is the women’s volleyball coach at Pierce College who has been coaching for the past 15 years. Having had experience in the game in Lebanon, he moved to the United States when he was 18 years old.

“I got used to the game of volleyball back home, played for my school, my club and played in college.” Mardini said.

Nabil attended the University of California, Los Angeles where he received a double electrical engineering degree. His plan was to work as an electrical engineer. This changed when Nabil came face to face with his true passion.

“It was always teaching and coaching. So one day I decided to resign from my job and follow my heart.” Mardini said.

Mardini explained that his profession is not as easy as some believe it to be. To the public eye it a coach’s job is to tell their players where to go and what to do.

Few know of the efforts one must put forth in order to assemble a well-rounded team.

“You’re dealing with individuals and getting to be on the same page in terms of setting goals, aiming for the same purpose and going for the state championship.”

Mardini’s main focus is synergy and keeping everyone synchronized so that they may reach their ultimate goal by the seasons’ end.

“It’s possible but it takes a lot of individuals who are willing to commit themselves for excellence.”

Megan Weaver, 18, is a freshman at Pierce College. She is a middle blocker on the women’s volleyball team. Over a bowl of hot macaroni and cheese Weaver spoke with great enthusiasm about Mardini.

“His passion for volleyball and determination to succeed. Aside from the game, he teaches us how to be good human beings.”  Weaver said.

Chelsea Lawrence, [age], is a sophomore at Pierce College. Like Weaver, Lawrence acts as one of the team’s middle blockers. Lawrence noted Mardini’s useful lessons that he “instills to take with them to the game of life.”

“His program and his rules are something we take outside with us into the real world.”

With Mardini guiding them from the sidelines the team won the state championships three years in a row. In addition to their victory streak the team went undefeated for the last two of the three years.

“We actually won three state championships. One in 2010, 2011, and 2012. In 2011 and 2012, we were undefeated.” Mardini said.

Mardini attributes much of their success to the individual players because without them “being on the same page and in sync” they wouldn’t be shooting for the same goals.

Mardini believes in his players and takes notice to the ones who give their all.

“We obviously had a good bunch of players who committed to the process and brought in one hundred percent.” Mardini said.