Making It Up

The past to the future with Master Makeup Artist Dr. Barbara Layne.

This is one unique woman. Her personality is so comforting. Ms. Layne has a welcoming heart with lots of experience not just in makeup but lots of other things. The lovely lady started an exciting career in Beauty and Fashion which lead her to become a professional makeup artist and Professional Fashion Consultant. She has models and actors from the past to the future. Barbara have worked studios in the city of Los Angeles since she was a teenager. Her parents knew right away that Barbara would be a makeup artist because she started makeup as a child. Barbara knew that she would be involved in the makeup business. However, she had to get out and at the age of 14.  Traveling was a big part of Ms. Layne life, that’s what made her better. She said she love meeting people that’s productive, which she met a lot of entertainers and celebrities. Her style is unique and she have a great personality, that makes her vibe so good with other. Barbara been in business over 30 years and still standing strong, she said “she us going to do make up till she dies”. This seventy-five-year-old woman is still getting around with very good health. Her strength is amazing. Ms. Layne was thinking to stop make up at a moment of her life but that change for the best.