Having Divine Protection

Story by Felipe Gamino

Photos by Magdalena Bleu Briggs

Miriam Bayas has been working with angels for as long as she can remember. Even though not everyone believes in them, they were there for her.

“I can say I am fortunate that I have them to protect me. I remember one day I had to leave because it was already 7 p.m. and in my mind I thought I had locked the door,§ Bayas said. ※When I arrived the next day and I saw that I didn’t I thought they stole from me, but the store was intact.”

Bayas said that she saw in the security camera recording a man that was trying to go in, but the door wouldn’t open. After three attempts, he left.

Those angels remain a daily part of her life, Bayas said, and she shares her love of all things spiritual as the owner of Aromagica Sol & Luna. The store sells candles, herbs, crystals, stones and incense.

Bayas said that 80 percent of her clients that go to the store pass by, but something grabs their attention and they walk in.

“Crystals are something that come from Mother Earth. Brazil is one of the beautiful countries that God and the universe put ice on that country. And then they have big mines, whenever you go to Rio. It is very intense in the Amazon and you will find all kinds of crystals,” Bayas said.

Emily Earl, a co-worker, said that she enjoys working with Bayas and has developed a friendship over time.

Earl said that Bayas has a welcoming personality.

“She is very caring and is always willing to listen if I ever need anything to discuss on a personal or a professional level, Earl said. “She has been a really great friend to me over the past year and I really enjoyed getting to know her.”

Marybeth Murphy, an angelic spiritual coach, has been doing angel readings professionally for 15 years. She said that her clients have left transformed.

“They leave different knowing that everything is going to be okay,” Murphy said. They have a feeling of peace.”

Murphy said that angels are non-denominational. When she meets with her clients she said that religion is not involved.

Murphy said that everyone has guardian angels with them.

“There’s no way to interpret them. They are designed to work and protect us. No one can understand them except you,” Murphy said. “And that’s what I teach people. I help them understand that they also can communicate with you.”

Bayas said that when people ask her if there is anyone that does card readings, she says no because that is not apart of her beliefs.

“What is the past, it already happened. The future, only God knows what will occur, Bayas said. “I don’t understand why people will request for that service when no one knows what will happen years from now.”


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