Food review: Firehouse

Photo by: Erick Ceron

Driving east from Pierce College, in the corner of Victory and Reseda Boulevard you can find a place that doesn’t look to fancy nor pretends to be. You enter from the back of the building, and instantly get the sense of a wooden cabin feel in the middle of nowhere. The red brick walls, wood floors, and windows provides a very a relaxing light setting the tone to the atmosphere. Also accompanied, with smooth Mediterranean music.  A small kitchen and a main floor that, seats roughly 30 people gives the customer a feeling of familiarity.

From outside you’ll see a white and blue two-story building, with a sign that reads “GYRO”. That way you know you’re in a Greek eatery. Their menu advertises around 30 items including sandwiches, and 15 side dishes. They offer everything from lamb to chicken, salads, and of course gyros. The prices are pretty reasonable. The most expensive dishes are roughly $12, and sandwiches are about $8.

The tranquility of this place will transport you from a hectic day at work to a much-calmer environment. The menu advertises classic Greek dishes such as the  “Lemonado Roast Chicken.”

Since it’s not a high end restaurant appetizers are not offered, but surprisingly a nice side salad will be delivered to you before your main course. It comes with lettuces, tomatoes, cucumber and olives dressed with a creamy Italian dressing, and feta cheese on top.

The  “Lemonado Roast Chicken,” a juicy half chicken, paired with a side of rice, and parsley sprinkled on top, with golden soft pita bread, falls short of taste. The lack of lemon flavor makes it feel a bit plain. The rice was a little creamy with bits of noodle mixed in it, but it’s actually the soft golden pita bread that deserves the credit. Cooked perfectly, fresh, warm and soft; it’s worth ordering once more.

For around $12 you get what you pay for. Even though the flavor of the chicken isn’t that great this joint is well known in the area for its gyros, so if you are in the San Fernando Valley, and want to try something that it’s not tacos or hamburgers “Firehouse Restaurant” across from Reseda Park and Recreation Center, would be a decent option.