Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Beaten, Broken, or Brilliant? (Occupy LA)

Dear Occupants of Los Angeles, It’s me, one of the 99%ers. I’ve seen you around town. I’ve had some conversations with people who claim to represent the movement. CLICK TO CONTINUE STORY  

Buy A Bowtie, Take A Top Off

Panic washes over 21-year-old Alex Koontz when the idea of going to the bathroom approaches. Koontz barely ever passes as a guy so going into the men’s restroom is extremely stressful. It’s even worse to use the woman’s restroom with all the stares and constant whispers. Keeping his eyes to the ground and doing what has to be done...

Tied & Bound in Los Angeles

Red, blue and yellow lights illuminate a 10-square-foot linoleum dance floor in the center of the main room, as the audience watches a petite young woman wrapping rope around a tall, hard-bodied man. With each layer of rope she wraps around his torso she explains to the audience how important it is to avoid “huge owies.

Top Five Places to Find Rare and Unique Beads

Kari Golden/The Bull   Tanks, short shorts, and flip flops. Summer is on the horizon and it's time to flaunt the beach body you have been working hard for all winter. Add glamour to your look by crafting your own jewelry. The craft industry is a booming business with bead shops opening and thriving within the community nationwide. Get those fingers...

Board to the Future


New technology in the classroom will change the way students learn.

The Arab Spring: In Retrospect

Sienna Jackson/Special to The Bull       The ‘Arab Spring' is the coined term for the 2010-11 wave of political unrest throughout the Middle East. From Tunisia to Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen, the citizens of Arab and Islamic nations throughout the region have risen against their governments. This widespread demand for democratic rule across the Middle East could mark a turning point for...

Top 5 Hole-in-the-wall Show Spots in Los Angeles

Portia Medina/ The Bull   There is no shortage of entertaining activities on any given night in the Los Angeles area. Live music serves as the glue that holds this city of angels together and keeps the air thick with electric energy. Aside from so many of the larger venues in the city to go see a good show, there are...

The 87 Stick Up Kids are skilled in the trade of that old boom-bap and they can get down!

Portia Medina/ The Bull   On Sunday night the guys from The 87 Stick Up Kids sat down with us at Unbreakable Tattoo in Studio City to talk about how they got started, where they are headed, and their new album "Car Keys & Rabbits Feet" due out April 5.   The 87 Stick Up Kids are made up of Deacon, Nash, Squish,...

Waiting for Mickey

A petite young woman wearing Mickey Mouse slippers stands next to her bedroom door. She opens the door to a room filled with Mickey Mouse memorabilia.

The Anatomy of Passion

Deep within the center of the brain lies the limbic system which is home to all emotions. It is in this tiny walnut- sized area of the brain, where passion first begins.