Monday, September 26, 2022

Review: Hacienda Mariana Restaurant

Hacienda Mariana has a lot on the menu, with the Birria de Res being the most  popular item, and at $11.99 it’s easy to see why.  Upon entry, it would be difficult for one not to notice how clean the inside of the  restaurant is. It’s near the intersection...

A cut above the rest

If you want a salon, go next door, but if you're entering the Zone, you better bring your personality and you best be ready to talk sports.

Super Mojado

Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez

Juggling Act

Imagine being late for class in the morning: you've misplaced your notebook, your coffee is cold, you stayed up all night typing a paper and your keys have pulled a disappearing act. Now imagine your child following you around the house that same morning as you frantically try to pack a diaper bag, comb sticky hair, find a favorite lost toy and retie tiny shoes for what seems like the hundredth time.

‘La La Lost’ finds fans

The April 10 CD release party for "La La Lost" by Arrica Rose and the ...'s was an intimate yet lively gathering at the Hotel Café on the Cahuenga Strip, a venue that perfectly showcased the range of the little-known group's new album. A hip, artsy crowd gathered in the small, dimly lit room.

Revolution-Spring 2011

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Nostalgia Moderna

In recognition of Pierce College's 60th anniversary, THE BULL has dipped into the past for a look at classic campus moments through the decades. To complement the archive photographs, we have recreated updated scenes of a lively campus. The activities on the college grounds reflect Pierce as a place of thriving, growing social and educational center.

‘Unhitched’ already unraveling

The Farrelly Brothers, creators of "Dumb and Dumber" and "There's Something About Mary," have created a new show, "Unhitched." What looked to be a new hilarious show for the FOX Sunday night lineup fell short of funny.

Green Pastures to ‘Green’ Buildings

Begun as a place for former World War II GIs to retrain for domestic jobs, Pierce College has evolved into a multi-cultured, multi-ethnic student body. While still maintaining an agriculture and pre-vet program, the curriculum has vastly expanded. As the campus marks 60 years, it is again in the midst of change, growth and renovation.