Monday, September 26, 2022

The Duality of the Afterlife

I took these photos because this is what I envision when I see the afterlife. Lights and darks, two separate entities that cross but never overstep each others boundaries. Similar to Yin and Yang. This is an effort of translating what I see through my eyes into the print to give others the same perspective...

“There’s Gold Up On That Thar Hill!”

Prologue: Ellen Albertini Dow, widow of the founder of Pierce College's theater arts department, Eugene Francis Dow, wiped tears away from her pale blue eyes as she recalled the moment, then cupped her life-worn hands together and held them to her mouth and softly said, "It was beautiful here.

Spicing up your life

Curry Up Café is an Americanized version of the one of the most common restaurants found in Japan, the curry house. Compared to any other curry from India, Thailand, Vietnam and China, Japanese curry tends to be the thickest-- depending on how spicy you want it.

Featured Article

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Fall 2019/ Winter 2020

The "Live Performance" Issue Editor-in-Chief: Cameron Kern Managing Editor/ Photo Editor: Kevin Lendio Social Media Editor: Belen Hernandez Photographer: Maja Losinska Reporters: Jackson Hayano, Sonya Miller, Meilani Welbeck, Abdul Alsadi, Giselle Ornemo, Arielle...

True Gamers

Marion Kimble

A ‘Thrilling’ anniversary

When you hear the name Michael Jackson, most likely the image of a tarnished, quirky freak of a man comes to mind. That's now, but back in 1983 when MJ was still "normal," he and Quincy Jones produced the record-shattering "Thriller" album.

Review: Juicy Ladies

The vegan bacon avocado wrap from Juicy Ladies comes with a side salad. Juicy Ladies is an all-organic juice bar and vegan cafe with locations in Woodland Hills and Pacific Palisades.  I ordered delivery from the Woodland Hills location through Grubhub and got the “full of fruit” smoothie and the...

A brawl for them all

The long-awaited sequel to Nintendo's most popular tournament game is finally here. "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" is the third installment of the series, and such a release couldn't have arrived at a better time to save the Wii's sub-par repertoire of games. It's been seven years since "Super Smash Bros.

Studying in shadows

Jack grew up in the Valley. He celebrated birthdays with his large extended family and friends in backyard events. He sang in the choir at his high school. He graduated with honors. When he was 18, he asked if he could get his driver's license, the last rite to becoming an adult, as his parents had promised him he could when they had denied the request two years prior.