Monday, September 26, 2022

Kicking it old school

Recess Flashback: Adults takeover a popular childhood game.

The unforgettable ‘Howl’

Where it came from does not matter. If it came to fruition in the insane asylum where Allen Ginsberg met Carl Solomon, for whom the poem was dedicated, has little baring on its existence.

Flavor Chaser’s Top five LA food trucks

ELLIOT GOLAN / The Bull1. Frysmith  Though extremely simple conceptually, the creativity that Frysmith exhibits within such a small scope of cuisine is astounding. A helpful and friendly crew makes you feel light while receiving a dish that is anything but.   Top Dish: Chicken Sweet Potato fries.     2. The Grilled Cheese Truck  Taking a staple of childhood lore and evolving it...

Cheers jeers & beers

The constant sound of a beating drum echoes throughout The Home Depot Center. No one sits if you have tickets in sections 137 and 138. That's where the Los Angeles Riot Squad stands.

Arrica Rose

Video: Kyle Bracewell Photos: Gil Riego, Jr. and Jared Iorio

A ‘Thrilling’ anniversary

When you hear the name Michael Jackson, most likely the image of a tarnished, quirky freak of a man comes to mind. That's now, but back in 1983 when MJ was still "normal," he and Quincy Jones produced the record-shattering "Thriller" album.

Esha, dressed in white

Esha Momeni could not understand why the women of the One Million Signatures Campaign were not closer. So, she asked questions - a lot of questions. She got to know you before you realized what happened. It was a curiosity that gave the graduate student many friends at Cal State Northridge, but in Tehran, Iran on Oct.

Dimensions and dreamscapes

A few months ago, Alysa Lauren, former Pierce College student, felt fulfilled. She was one of the lead guitarists and the singer of a rock band called "Husband and Wife," she was writing music, her passion, and was in a stable relationship. "In my life, at that time, I was really great at where I was because I felt that I knew everything," Lauren said.