Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Super Mojado

Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez

A letter from the editor

OK, so a monk, a glassblower and a pirate walk into a rave... No, I don't have a punchline to the joke, but rather I present to you a compilation of some of the subjects of the Spring 2008 issue of The Bull.

Hard drive storage unreliable

**Consumer review** Using computers nowadays means that archiving is technically paperless. Writing papers for classes have to be stored somewhere after they have been typed. Pictures from your digital camera have to be organized. Videos downloaded from the Internet have to be shelved digitally.

Canvas of a Different Type

He seemingly came out of nowhere around the corner, carrying his skateboard up the steep hill. He disappeared over the white picket fence of an empty lot between two million-dollar homes only a few hundred feet farther, swallowed by the night and the weeds.

Dealer’s Choice

"I had a gun pointed to my head. It was one of those classic situations when I realized that I should stop," said Riley (not his real name) as he recounted his story.

Neverending Education

Traditionally dressed in her orange robe and sandals, Venerable Phramaha Metta Medhavini certainly stands out on the Pierce College campus, though it may be the last place one might expect to find a Buddhist monk. Founder and Abbess of Wat Dharma Maitreya Temple in San Diego, Calif.

Crazy Smart

147, 148, 149, 150, 151..." He counts every step from his car to his classroom in the Business Building. If he gets there and he's landed on an odd number, he must find a way to squeeze in an extra step, no matter how small. Uneven numbers aren't allowed in his life-except seven and 21.

Instrument Aficionado

Step across the threshold of his house and immediately see a sword, some pirate-themed decor and an Xbox 360. Head through the house, passing a room where numerous string instruments hang from the walls. Arriving at his room, notice a U.S. Army beret hanging from a frame, a mandolin sitting between a cello and a bass guitar, and a massive mixing board and microphone resting near his computer.

Art from the fire

It starts off cold, solid and almost invisible. When heated to incredibly high temperatures, it gives off a bright, orange glow and becomes easily moldable. And when it's finished, it returns to its original consistency, locked into the new shape you've chosen for it.

‘Darkness’ a consistent addition

The Playstation Portable of this popular RPG proves consistent with the series, with a few new perks.