Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The Art of Seduction

Lola Chan, who goes by the stage name of Bettie P’Asian, is a burlesque dancer who headlines her own monthly show at Bar One Beer & Wine Parlour. Chan talks about her view on the burlesque subculture and what it's like for her during her performance. Video by Mohammad Djauhari

The Seductive Art

Behind the black curtain of Bar One in the San Fernando Valley that keeps her hidden from the crowd, Lola Chan changes from conservative clothing she wore entering the club to her lacy and seductive costume that will be revealed to the waiting patrons. The sound of anticipation grows as the entertainment is about to begin. The lights dim...

Mixing generations at The One Up

Combine the nostalgia of 1980s video games with the foodie culture that has been growing in popularity the past couple of years, The One Up of Studio City is the newest addition to this growing “barcade” culture. Recently opened along the many restaurants that occupy Ventura Boulevard, The One Up brings a different kind of gastropub experience to the area....