Thursday, October 6, 2022

Married & Homeless in Los Angeles

Ally and Eddie have been together for 20 years, despite dealing with illness, becoming homeless and various other hardships. Through it all, they say their loyalty to each other and positive outlook is what keeps them going.   Video by Lynn Levitt

Aaron Chan

For those that have been forced to sit through a three hour summer course with a broken air-conditioner, Aaron Chan was one of the ones responsible for quickly rescuing the class from a near heatstroke. He has been the sr. secretary to the dean of academic affairs, Barbara Anderson, for the last four years and before that he worked...

Q&A: Married and Homeless in L.A.

Wake up on the street, pack up all belongings, bathe in a public bathroom sink, attempt to find something to eat; for more than 50,000 homeless Los Angeles residents, these tasks make up a typical morning. For Ally and Eddie Posyananda, this morning routine is just one of the many reminders they are using as fuel to get them...