Tuesday, August 16, 2022

But first, let me take a selfie

Emily Adad, a Pierce College communications major who was featured in The Bull magazine, is now featured in a video interview where she discusses tips for taking the perfect selfie and shards her thoughts on social media in general. Among some of Adad's tips is makeup, lighting and purpose for the photo. Adad said she thinks of selfies as an...

Pet treatment: Man on the street

Check out what Pierce College students had to say.

Medical Marijuana: Man on the street

Pierce College students share their thoughts on medical marijuana.

Social media usage: Man on the street

Pierce College students share their thoughts on this generation's use of social media.

Interracial relationships: Man on the street

Pierce College students share their opinions and personal experiences regarding interracial relationships in America.

Tattoos: Man on the street

When first impressions mean everything, what adversities do tattoos fabricate?

Matt Hank

Story by: Jeremy Nation The sounds of heavy weights clinking together mix with the piped in beat of some lost rock ballad. A steady chorus of huffs fills the air as hard working students feel the burn in the Pierce College Fitness Center. There was a time when the weight lifting program went unexploited by most teams, but in the four...

Video: Luge Your Mind

Filmed & Edited by Lynn Levitt

Video: Los Angeles Critical Mass Bike Ride

Filmed & edited by John Gutierrez