Sunday, May 15, 2022

Walking Around Royce’s Arcade People talk about Royce's Arcade in Chatsworth, the largest arcade warehouse experience in Los Angeles. Supplementary to feature story "Welcome to the Game Grid" by Kieran MacIntyre. SHOW MORE

Fantastic Oddities Performers of Le Petit Cirque discuss their art.

Music of Pierce

The music of Pierce is explored through campus singers.

Cal Poly’s Design Village Competition

Architecture students from colleges across California gather at Cal Poly's Design Village to show off their design skills.

Pierce Photo Salon

Pierce College photo salon hosted in the campus library.

Pierce Welders Pierce College Welders demonstrate their craft in the Applied Technology Building.

Hip-Hop Nation Creation Zachary Lattimore shares his life as a dancer with commentary by Hip-Hop instructor Maya Zellman.

Words of a Hindu priest Video by: Marc Dionne

Be Energy Center The Energy Center is in Woodland Hills, CA. They teach classes such as QiGong, NeiYangGong, Meditation, Sound & Vibration Healing, and TaiJi for many years. Please join them.

Monroe behind the gates

Video by: Michelle Lerner