Monday, March 1, 2021


Fall 2016 / Winter 2017

Lakeside Cafe

The surrounding view and enjoyable air, however, compensate for a menu that attempts to be varied but is resultantly unremarkable. The indoor dining area is tastefully designed with framed black-and-white portraits on the walls that give the place a vintage feel, while the sleek autumn-colored furniture nicely balances old with new. Gentle music, reminiscent of what one may hear on...

Zig’s Diner

On the corner of White Oak Avenue and Vanowen Street, Zig’s Restaurant is a small mom and pop diner that is often overlooked by many San Fernando Valley residents. The diner exudes tranquility and peace of mind. Its big windows allow sunlight to peek in from every direction. With several options, such as booths, outside seating and countertop stools, it is...