Bird & Vine Loves L.A.


The first of the Santa Ana winds blew a warm fall breath into the day. A petite blonde in denim pants and a jacket, black booties and a graphic T-shirt with a heart on it enters.

Her hair, long ice blonde and wavy blows radically gold against the blue of the October, California sky.

Pausing at the doorway, she smiles.

Bird & Vine is a Los Angeles-based brand founded by Stephen and Jen Kelly. The brand was built around the idea of a comfortable and carefree lifestyle.

“My love of fashion pushed me to create a line that was comfortable for women to love to wear,” Jen Kelly said.

Each piece is comfortable and soft on the skin. The pieces can be worn to make one feel cozy while lounging, going about your day, leaving the gym, or simply to add a spec of comfort to business attire.

Anna Janzen, a wife, personal trainer and mother of nine-month-old twins is a customer and  huge fan of Bird & Vine.

“It is one of my favorite brands. It gave me a new confidence in how I looked after giving birth. It made me feel stylish while forgiving my postpartum twin body,” said Janzen with an enigmatic smile of someone sharing a life changing secret. “It’s comfortable enough I can wear it at work and stylish too so I can wear it to an event. I love the versatility, craftsmanship and comfortability of it.”

Jen Kelly is the visionary designer, while husband Stephen Kelly focuses on the business side of things.

“I started helping Jen a little bit and it grew into this thing where we started working on the brand everyday, and It’s been a great eight years,” Stephen Kelly said as his wife Jen Kelly, joyously wrapped her arms around him. “For a smaller company that’s growing it’s a big challenge. We’re still here, and we are growing and it’s still exciting.”

Jen Kelly has advice for anyone thinking about getting into the fashion industry.

“Do the work, I say. If anyone is thinking of becoming a designer, do the best you can and do the work,” said Jen Kelly, about being a budding designer. “If you have a dream then see it through. Don’t let the amount of work be the reason you give up on a dream.”

As for the brand’s message Jen Kelly speaks of it with high energy and sincerity.

“My message is kindness,” said. “I put phrases like love and breathe and blessed, because we all need a little love in order to give more kindness to this world.”